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About the Event

RMB Latitudes 2023
A New Art Experience
26-28 May 2023
Shepstone Gardens, Johannesburg

In May 2023, artists and exhibitors from across Africa will transform Shepstone Gardens, a magnificent three-acre property, into a curated celebration of art from the continent.

RMB Latitudes is an indoor-outdoor art experience with a focus on discovery and development. Central to the curation of the 2023 edition is sculpture, as well as solo and duo artist presentations. In addition to traditional art fair booths, galleries, curators and artists will be encouraged to create their own unique exhibition spaces, in response to the unexpected and intimate venue.

At this artist-forward event, you can soak up the finest of African contemporary art and creativity, while strolling through an iconic Johannesburg garden and enjoying art talks and walkabouts, contemporary dining experiences, champagne, wine and gin bars.

RMB Latitudes is a destination event aimed at celebrating the creative spirit, fostering new relationships, connecting artists and galleries to buyers and the public, and creating new opportunities.